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Middle aged ? Need a new hair look?
Looking through the many hair style magazines with those fabulously young perfect skinned annoyingly gorgeous model types?
Never is there a person with a hair style remotely ok for you! Have you noticed all the models are all about 19 to 20 years old…
Here are a few tips to change your style.

  1. Take a deep breath, and be realistic with a few things. Such as face shape, your body shape, how good are you with doing your own hair, what kind of budget do you want to spend?


  1. During the next few weeks, throw away those young magazines, and look through magazines of the type that of are interest to you, those that give  the look you admire, not necessarily hair magazines, in fact stay away from hair mags, remember they are too perfect and too young!! Go for classy clothes ones, vogue, cosmopolitan etc. remember these people spend thousands and thousands on research to get the right look. So use their skills to give the right impression. Then cut the pictures out, and store them to show them the hairstylist you trust.
  1. You now need to choose a good stylist. If you already have one, don’t read on. If you don’t who should you choose? First listen to recommendations of your friends, family or work colleagues, look at their hair and decide if you like what you see. If you do, phone their hairdresser and follow the next section. The other option is by trial and error on the phone, or a random call in a salon that takes your eye.


    By phone or in person, people usually ask “How much do you charge for a re style?” remarkably many folks are not really interested in price.  What they are actually crying out for is for someone to show some interest in them and not just for their money. So if the reply you get is not just a price, but to ask you relevant questions about yourself and your hair type. This does not mean a life story, but to show an interest in you. Remember you are the life blood supply to any business; you are solid gold, so if you feel rushed, or made to feel in the way, put the phone down or leave and try elsewhere.

  1. If you feel happy with the replies you get, make an appointment, but ask for an experienced stylist, there are some great young stylists, but I am writing this for the middle aged plus, and if you are not careful you get pushed into a category that says old fashioned styling will be okay because of your age.


      IT WON’T BE OK!!!!!!

    You need a style that says modern, stylish, fashionable, fun, youthful, and easy to keep, because of your age. So ask for experience, not a young whippersnapper who may make you look like their aunty Betty.

    Take with you to your appointment your pictures , do not feel foolish about this, it is a great guideline for any stylist and ,remember both you and the stylist will both have the same image in your minds.

    Don’t be offended if the hairdresser recommends something else, they will be looking at face shape and life style .trust them. A good stylist will show you a home plan to maintain your new style. They will also recommend and supply the correct products and equipment to use at home. You should by now be feeling pretty good, so before you leave the salon book another appointment, four to six weeks is the usual time, and if you are delighted, book with the same person, and stick with them.